Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Our Puny President

I know that President Bush delivered his State of the Union message last night, but the real state of our union was made rather clear to me in the first weeks of January.

That’s when Bush, back from another lengthy vacation and eager to show his engagement with the Big Issues, made several major speeches regarding the US economy, Iraq and the so-called war on terror. Within days of his cocky and upbeat assessments, the stock market plunged, rumors circulated about both Ford and General Motors going bankrupt this year, and new bombings by those “dead-ender” insurgents in Iraq claimed many, many more lives.

I expect that any boost in approval ratings for Bush post-State of the Union will be only temporary given the teetering state of our economy and our disastrous military and foreign policy. What a mess this puny man and his evil cronies have gotten us into! I shiver thinking of the damage they can do with three more years in power. . .